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March 18, 2012 - Calgary


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Kidseat Recyclers

Kidseat Recyclers
Calgary, AB


Contact: Melanie or LaVonne
Phone: 403-969-1054
E-mail: info @



We will be accepting carseats for recycling at the Jan 16th Naturally Trade Fair and the Feb 6th Mommylicious Trade Fair!!


Keepin' Baby Safe and Melrose Kids Inc. are excited to announce Alberta's first recycling program for used and expired car seats. 


Recycle Program


We are now accepting all used and expired seats at various Round-Up Clinics or Inspection Clinics around Calgary. Kidseat Recyclers is the first recycling program of its kind in Alberta focused specifically on keeping the thousands upon thousands of car seats that are thrown away every year out of the landfills. We will ensure that every part of the seat that is recyclable, including metal, plastic and any usable parts, will be properly recycled or reused. 


Recycling Levy: $8-


This is a recycling levy placed on this type of plastic. It reflects the actual costs incurred by the recycling company for handling, processing and packaging of the recycled plastic to chip and send to manufacturing plants around the world.

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